Montebello Montebello Strozzapreti Pasta
Montebello Strozzapreti Pasta
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Montebello Strozzapreti Pasta


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The idyllic Monastery of Montebello has long served as an emblem of agriculture in northern Italy. The region is prized for its produce, organic crops and vine-ripened tomatoes that are transformed into impeccable air-dried pastas, robust sauces and more.
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A unique cut of pasta popular in the Tuscany region of Italy, strozzapreti has a colorful history. The word means “priest choker,” which may refer to the collar typically worn by members of the clergy—although there are darker versions of the story as well. Whatever its origins, this cut is especially good for catching sauces and grated cheese. Try it with a hearty sausage ragù or roasted tomato sauce.

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Serving Size / Volume:16 oz.
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