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Decorating Tips / 12 Mar 2022

How Much Garland Do You Need?

Every year the question comes up as people try to determine just how much garland is enough to cover their trees. So here's a helpful table to make your decorating free of complicated math:

Decorate a 2 ft Tree 18 ft
Decorate a 4 ft Tree 27 ft
Decorate a 6 ft Tree 60 ft
Decorate a 7 ft Tree 80 ft
Decorate a 10 ft Tree 120 ft
Decorate a Single Doorway 1-25 ft
Decorate a Double Doorway 21-33 ft
Decorate a Small Window 18-26 ft
Decorate a Large Window 21-31 ft
Decorate a Fireplace Mantel 18-26 ft

We hope that helps!

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