Drizzle Melts Snickerdoodle
Drizzle Melts Snickerdoodle
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Drizzle Melts Snickerdoodle


Product description:

Drizzle Melts Snickerdoodle are made of all-natural wax that is triple scented and designed to provide you with a long-lasting scent for each use. Each cube will have a burn time of roughly eighteen to twenty-four hours.
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Product information

The natural wax is clean-burning, and environmentally friendly. Simply place the cube in a wax melt and let the scent fill the air. These drizzle melts are solid and come in a break-apart package with six cubes per package.


Drizzle Melts are a wonderful collection of tempting products from Swan Creek Candle Company.

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Material:100% natural wax
Size:5.25 oz.

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