Tillen Farms Tillen Farms Dirty Martini Mix
Tillen Farms Dirty Martini Mix
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Tillen Farms Dirty Martini Mix


Product description:

Dirty up your drink with the only martini mix worthy of your favorite premium alcohols. Made from actual olive brine, this delightfully salty solution includes a touch of vermouth for perfectly ¬flavored beverages.
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Product information

Add a splash to any classic martini, Bloody Mary or cocktail of your choosing!

Tillen Farms sets the bar high for how cocktails should taste. From crisp pickled veggies to American-grown cherries to sassy syrups, these garnishes and add-ins celebrate produce that’s picked at the peak of ripeness for year-round enjoyment.

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Serving Size / Volume:8 oz.
Special Notation:Gluten Free

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