Dr. Squatch Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus Bar Soap
Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus Bar Soap
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Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus Bar Soap


Product description:

Even the toughest Squatch guys have a soft side. This refreshing blend of rustic cedar wood and zesty orange oils strikes a perfect balance between strength and suppleness.
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Product information

Add in some seriously soothing peppermint, and you might just start gushing about how much you love this scent – don’t worry, we won’t tell your dude friends about your sappy side.

  • 100% ALL-NATURAL soap
  • Natural Glycerin
  • Chemical & Preservative Free
  • Exfoliation: Mint Leaves
  • Skin Types: Combination, good for oily or dry skin

Dr. Squatch develops and produces natural, high-performance personal care products specifically designed to meet the demands of men everywhere. The products are made with the best natural ingredients to have you looking, smelling and feeling your best!

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Serving Size / Volume:5 oz.
Special Notation:Scent Strength: Medium

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