LOCK27 is opening in 2024!

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens!

In March of 2020 just as we were preparing LOCK27 to begin a soft opening as an affordable small meeting and event center we were hit with the COVID crisis and two major things transpired that would affect LOCK27.

The first was that small meetings and events would be forever changed and the move to online meetings grew more rapidly out of necessity. In fact, the entire market for meetings and events has changed, and is probably still changing.

The second came after things began to return to normal and the success of The Christmas Store of New York took off much more rapidly than planned. You can sign up for Evolve NEWS! on this website and you can follow our success!

In keeping with the initial master plan of developing LOCK27 into a useful venue that contributes to the attraction of tourism and consumers to Historic Downtown Lyons, New York, we are now able to advance the plans for the LOCK27 facility on to the next level in that mission ahead of schedule. It is with great pride in Lyons (Lyons Pride!) that we are excited to announce that in 2022 there will be news to come on what’s in store…. as we Evolve… for LOCK27.

You can continue to follow us here and on our new website www.LOCK27NY.com, but in the meantime…

Watch This Space !


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