Willow Tree Willow Tree Angel of Harmony Figurine
Willow Tree Angel of Harmony Figurine
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Willow Tree Angel of Harmony Figurine


Product description:

The Willow Tree Angel of Harmony Figurine can be a gift for those who bring music and harmony to the world around them. Willow Tree angels resonate with many cultures and ages of people.
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Product information

To some they represent protection, to some they are an outward reminder of inner peace, and to some they represent a way to remember those who have left this earth. A gift of Willow Tree® communicates beyond words.

Care Instructions: Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

Sentiment: In harmony with life's rhythm

Willow Tree figurines are a collection of figurative sculptures that speak about healing, comfort, protection, and inspiration. Through gestures, these figurines express all of their emotion. That is meant to be meaningful to both the giver and receiver.

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Dimensions:6" H
Material:Resin, Metal, Bamboo

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