Willow Tree Willow Tree Cypress Trees Nativity Accesssory
Willow Tree Cypress Trees Nativity Accesssory
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Willow Tree Cypress Trees Nativity Accesssory


Product description:

The two-piece set of Cypress Trees is designed to enhance the Willow Tree Nativity. The elegant architecture of these majestic yet simple trees creates a visually uplifting form in the nativity collection.
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Product information

Each tree is uniquely carved with symbols of nature. Pinpoints of gold leaf reflect light and create interest. A gift of Willow Tree® communicates beyond words.

Sentiment: Rooted in the earth, reaching toward the sky

Willow Tree figurines are a collection of figurative sculptures that speak about healing, comfort, protection, and inspiration. Through gestures, these figurines express all of their emotion. That is meant to be meaningful to both the giver and receiver.

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Dimensions:Tallest 16.5" H
Material:Resin, Iron

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